Orchid Lover’s Starter Kit:

Designed especially with the potential orchid enthusiast in mind: two or four small orchids, each one different, to get your collection started. Chosen from our complete range of orchids but with an emphasis on the more unusual. Depending on availability, your selection could include Colmanara, Beallara, Brassia, Miltassia, Miltonidium, Oncidium or Dendrobium among other genera.

Shipping is included, but to keep the price to a minimum, we have designed this package based on small plants. Each plant will have buds formed and will either have one or two flowers open or be ready to open shortly after arrival. Care instructions and information will be included. Also included in the kit will be a one-year supply of time-release orchid fertilizer.

If you do have a special plant in mind, we will try to accommodate your request depending on availability and the bloom cycle of the plant.

Call us at 808-982-7744 or email mary@hawaiiorchidlady.com

Order Two Plant Kit: $ 34.96

Order Four Plant Kit: $64.92