Honohono Dendrobium Anosum

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These unusual plants are a favorite of old Hawaii and are sought out by collectors. Only in bloom once a year, honohono plants are a hanging or pendulant type of orchid that grow long, leafy canes. When plants are ready to bloom, the leaves fall off and are replaced with a profusion of fragrant flowers on their long canes. They smell wonderful!

Honohono Dendrobium anosum usually go into bloom in February or March and can sometimes bud into April or May.

When these go into bloom around Feburary or March, we do sell out of budded plants on a weekly basis.

A week's advance notice before shipment is recommended during plant's bloom cycle.

Honohono are available in 4" pots for $19.98 and 5" pots for $34.98


This is a Species or Specialty Orchid. We sell them year-round in or out of bloom.

Unless otherwise noted, plants are mature and blooming size and may or may not have buds/blooms at the time of your order.


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