Myrmecophila tibicinis aka Schomburkia

Flute Players schomburkia

Native from Mexico to Costa Rica. These plants grow in the wild in dry deciduous forests on the trunks of trees. They can take full sun and blooms are very fragrant.

Flower spike grows to be about 15-20 feet with fragrant 2-3 inch flowers. Amazing display!

We currently have these in the lab and are patiently awaiting their arrival. They are not in production yet. This photo is from our Mother plant.

Myrmecophila Tibicinis usually bloom in Late Spring/Early Summer.


This is a Species or Specialty Orchid. We sell them year-round in or out of bloom.

Unless otherwise noted, plants are mature and blooming size and may or may not have buds/blooms at the time of your order.

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